The Board of Directors is a committed group of individuals that are instrumental in keeping the clinic operating. Over the years, they have worked to increase the number of days per week the Clinic operates, partnered with St. Vincent de Paul to offer a podiatry clinic, and created partnerships that provide volunteer doctors and reduce the costs of medical services.

Herman Carmassi, KM
Nancy I. Cecconi, RN, DM
John Christian, Esq, KM—President
Elizabeth Connell, Esq, DM
Sara K. Cumbelich, DM
William J. Cumbelich, KM—Secretary
Dr. Dan Field, KM
Thomas Greerty, Esq.,KM
Max Gutierrez, Jr., Esq, KM

Dr. Jack Hockel, KM
Charlotte Kiesel, DM
L.J.Michael Lambert, KM
Dr. John Lenahan, KM
Timothy McInerney, Esq, KM
Rick A. Medeiros, KM
Louis M. Meunier, KM
John Rengel, KM—Treasurer
Dr. Thomas Wallace, KM