The Order of Malta Clinic of Northern California

For many people health care is a luxury that is so far out of reach, even check-ups for the most basic preventative diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure are not even possible. Our clinic is providing a safety net in Oakland to help address basic health care needs for those without health insurance, before these diseases become a serious issue.

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We Nurture

The Order of Malta has a long history of caring for the sick and poor in body and spirit, a concept that is alive and well at the Cathedral of Christ the Light.

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We Care

Local doctors volunteer at the Order of Malta Clinic to provide high-quality primary care services for the uninsured poor and those in need.

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We Build

Vital health care services provided by the clinic are made possible by the generous donations from our community. Get involved and donate today! 

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The Order of Malta Clinic is a special place where volunteer doctors and the Catholic Diocese of Oakland have come together to provide much needed free health care services in our community. The preventative care provided leads to a healthier lifestyle and more productive opportunities for those most in need.

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Clinic Celebrates 10 Years and 25,000 Patient Visits

Due to the generosity of our supporters, the Clinic recently surpassed our 25,000th patient and is entering our 10th year of service to the sick and poor in our community. We thank our volunteers, staff and donors for all that you do to make our clinic a success. Dr. Javier Diaz, pictured here, is one of the Clinic’s volunteer doctors.

Every time I go into the clinic, I’m very impressed with the doctors, the nurses, the people who are there helping out on behalf of the Church with warm smiles, their kindness, to take care of anybody who walks in off the street who needs help.

Michael C. Barber, SJ Bishop of Oakland

Perhaps our greatest blessing is the quality of our staff. We’ve been blessed because we have some superb nurses. We also have excellent physicians. Many of them have retired…some from the Kaiser Foundation. And we’re very very proud of the quality of care that we’ve been able to provide.

Jacques Hirschler, Volunteer MD

Most people in our Diocese that speak to me and are very glad that the clinic is here because it’s something we give to anybody whether your are Catholic or not.

Michael C. Barber, SJ Bishop of Oakland

I think I’m going to get much better, you know, because I have someone that cares…someone that cares about people’s health.

Jolanda Dixon, Patient

I’m a much more productive person in society. Because my health is good. I’m not draining from society. I’m giving back.

Darrell Brewer, Patient

The patients that I’ve seen, most of them have had chronic diseases; cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes. The illnesses that are silent that often afflict this community.

Tyronda Elliott, MD, Resident, Kaiser Oakalnd

A lot of these issues can be taken care of in a primary healthcare clinic like we’re doing here. We just need the funds to continue growing.

Kelly Stewart, Family Nurse Practicioner

In order to be a healer and be a healing facility, there’s some time that is required for true healing to take place. And I think that this clinic is really good as a healing…it’s a really amazing healing environment.

Andrea Telfer, Nurse Practitioner

As a patient, when you enter the door, it’s a very clean orderly clinic. And the staffs are very welcoming, very friendly, and very efficient. And you feel confident that you’ll get the best medical help even if you don’t have insurance because the people here want to help you.

Cynthia, Patient

The primary kinds of cases we see here are the cases that you see in the general public – hypertension, diabetes, pulmonary problems, lung disease, heart disease. And those types of medical problems when treated can avert severe complications that can result in long-term hospitalization.

Janet Warring, RN, BSN, Head Nurse, Public Health Nurse

As healthcare people, doctors and nurses, this is what we’re called to. This is what we know is important and this is where our gifts are in taking care of the sick and the poor.

Nancy Cecconi, Nurse Volunteer